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Quite Frankly News

Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Photography

Quite Frankly News is an online magazine run by students. The website boasts various categories of content that the writers currently contribute towards.


Amaze Full Software

Web Design, Web Development

We worked closely with the Amaze Full Software team to ensure their website was produced in a very small timescale, this allowed the team to attract many new customers in a matter of weeks.



Web Design, Web Development

Indielix.com is a website that we own and produced to allow Indie mobile developers to have a platform to advertise their games.


Drax Horse Livery

Web Design

We were approached by Anne, the owner of Drax Horse Livery, as she wanted to have her website for the livery updated as the website at the time did not work well on mobile devices and the design was dated.



Web Development

JH Media Solutions worked closely with Amaze Full Software to create the immersive ball rolling experience game, Plexroll.io


Comus Inn

Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography

The Comus Inn situated in Camblesforth wanted a website as well as some print work producing to advertise the new menu they had to offer.


The Read School


We filmed and edited the timelapse for their new website early 2018.

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