We developed the backend system for, which stores the leaderboard data along with user names. As a part of the project we also designed and deployed the one page site. is a mobile game created for Android and iOS, which incorporates the puzzle-solving nature of the game with 50 interesting levels.

The system that we were tasked with creating had to track the user’s activity within the game to provide a suitable understanding for the developers of which levels were difficult and how many attempts they took to pass.

The system uses a mixture of PHP, MySQL and javascript to ensure that all of the data can be stored, manipulated and displayed. The developers have the full ability to change various settings within the app, from the dashboard which has enabled them to reduce the time for updates as the app no longer needs to be sent to the app stores for testing and then release.

Below is how the dashboard looks, with an idea of what information they can view.

We also designed the game a simple, one-page website that highlights how, and where to download the game as well as boasting an image of all 50 levels on a parallax effect, to make the site have the edge on design.

The website is hosted in a completely different location to the admin panel ensuring that the data is completely secure.

A GDPR button has also been added to ensure that any users wanting their data to be removed from the servers have the ability to contact the developers directly to quickly resolve any issues.

With the site being a one-page, static site, the page loads very quickly ensuring it can be delivered to browsers quickly and also reduce the stresses on the servers that could arise if a large number of users tried to access the website.