Quite Frankly News

Quite Frankly News is an online news publication written by students with a passion for journalism…

Quite Frankly News

After being approached by the Quite Frankly News team we shortly settled on a short time scale for the initial phase of the website design. This first phase consisted of the initial launch which was aimed at spreading the word about the new site. We then set up a plan to roll out monthly and weekly updates to the website and its design as well as the custom Content Management System that we created for them.

The Quite Frankly News website consists of many pages all controlled by the CMS which all of the writers have access to, this also enables them to change the content on the homepage as well as upload and edit the articles.

We have also taken the team photos for Quite Frankly News, some of which are displayed below. The photos are used within the app as well as on the website and social media accounts.
Whilst building the brand for Quite Frankly News we also created a logo in various formats for use on social media and the website etc.